5 Most Expensive Corals in the World

Most expensive corals up close

Corals, while often mistaken for rocks, are vibrant living creatures that form a key part of the world’s underwater ecosystems, which can also be very expensive if you want one. Also, there’s more to them than just their beauty.

Corals serve as a home to diverse sea life, including creatures like clams, starfish, and sea turtles. And some of these corals, due to their rarity and unique characteristics, have a high price tag that would astound you. 

This article provides a captivating look at these expensive corals, complete with visually stunning pictures. Ready to dive in? Let’s explore these treasures of the deep!

5 Most Expensive Corals

1. Colorado Sunburst Anemone ($12,000 to $30,000)

Colorado Sunburst Anemone coral
Image credit: theevolvedfish / Instagram

The Colorado Sunburst Anemone is one of the priciest among the different types of corals in the world. Known for its vibrant coloration, this anemone is a beautiful addition to any aquarium. 

The unique hues that shift between gold, orange, and green make it highly sought after. This rare morph of the Bubble Tip Anemone is also popular due to its easy care and relative hardiness. 

Although it’s pricier than most anemones, its beauty and rarity justify the cost.

Remember, these anemones are quite active and can move around the aquarium, so ensure it doesn’t engage in ‘chemical warfare’ with other Bubble Tip Anemones.

2. Purple Monster Jawbreaker Mushroom ($10,000)

Purple Monster Jawbreaker Mushroom coral
Image credit: sim_2228 / Instagram

The Purple Monster Jawbreaker Mushroom is the ultimate in upscale shrooms, boasting a dazzling array of colors. 

It features a brilliant red base with streaks of purple, green, and yellow colors bleeding all around its perimeter, creating a truly captivating appearance.

This mushroom’s rarity and exceptional coloration can put its price tag in the ‘baller territory.’ 

Despite the hefty price, reef enthusiasts aspire to add this stunning piece to their collections, especially given the potential for even more exciting color combinations to emerge in the future.

3. WWC Bounce Mushroom ($6,000)

WWC Bounce Mushroom coral
Image credit: reef_collector / Instagram

The WWC Bounce Mushroom is famous for its distinctive large vesicles, which look like bubbles, and it also sports an appealing coloration that includes radiant shades of green and orange. 

Its uniqueness has made it one of the most desired corals in the aquarium trade. A fragment of this coral can fetch a small fortune, depending on the size and number of “bounces.” 

The more “bounces,” the more expensive it gets. What makes it more special is its relative ease of care, making it a favorite among hobbyists despite its high price tag.

Take a look at the WWC Bounce Mushroom Coral in the video below:

WWC OG Bounce Mushroom

4. Cornbred’s Holy Grail Torch ($3,000)

Cornbreds Holy Grail Torch coral
Image credit: my_coralife / Instagram

The Cornbred’s Holy Grail Torch Coral is the epitome of luxury in the world of reef keeping.

Its value lies in its incredible coloration, with gold-tipped tentacles that move gracefully in the water and a vibrant purple mouth, giving it a unique and beautiful look. 

This coral is a type of Euphyllia, known for its long, flowing tentacles, but the Holy Grail Torch stands out because of its extraordinary colors. 

It is in high demand among reef hobbyists, which commands a hefty price tag that reflects its rarity and beauty.

Throughout my decade-long journey of exploring my interests, I’ve witnessed the majesty of some of the world’s most expensive corals. 

I vividly remember my encounter with the exquisite Holy Grail Torch coral during a research expedition in the Indo-Pacific region.

The admiration turned into a commitment when I saw the destruction of these beautiful ecosystems due to human activity. 

This profound personal experience motivated me to write about these unique corals and advocate for their preservation.

5. Indophyllia Coral ($2,300)

Indophyllia Coral
Image credit: kosttank_yogyakarta / Instagram

The Indophyllia Coral is another exceptionally pricey coral. Native to the waters of the Indo-Pacific, this coral is a solitary, large-polyped species that can show a wide range of colors, from green to red, pink, or even multicolored. 

Indophyllia is prized by collectors because of its rarity and the striking visual interest it adds to any aquarium. This coral is generally hardy but requires specific care conditions. 

While the Indophyllia Coral can be difficult to find, its rarity and unique appearance make it well worth the expense for dedicated coral enthusiasts.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these breathtaking corals. What did you find most surprising? Which coral was your favorite? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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